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Central Millwoods Daycare & Out of School Care
Edmonton, Millwoods

Edmonton Educational Daycare Group acquired Central Millwoods Daycare in 2007.

Our family’s connection to the Millwoods community is multi generational. Central Millwoods Daycare is located in the heart of Millwoods right next to Lakewood bus terminal and across the street from Millwoods Recreation Center. There are three elementary schools in the neighborhood: Ecole Frere Antoine, Kameyosek, Tipaskan.

Central Millwoods Daycare & Out of School Care has been delivering secure and educational childcare for 30 yrs. The space is bright warm and functional with maximum communication and sightlines throughout the 3000 sq ft  daycare space. There is also a 4000 sq ft private and secure playground.

We have a good relationship with the surrounding businesses including the medical clinic and pharmacy. There are many family amenities very close by  local food, nature parks, swimming pool, splash park, toboggan hills and more.

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    2825 Millwoods Road NW
    Edmonton, AB, T6K 4A9

    Mon – Fri, 6:30 am – 5:30 pm

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