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FEBRUARY 7, 2011 News : Success with Tipaskan Educational Daycare and Out of school care's food drive

In December 2010, on behalf of the Ministry of Youth and Children Services, I presented a cheque to Tipaskan Educational Daycare and out of school care program in support of their Child Care Space Innovation Fund. The aim of the fund was to create additional spaces for day and out of school care. It is pleasing to know that over an additional 100 spaces would be made available by this contribution from the Government of Alberta.

Less than two months after, I was again a part of another Tipaskan initiative that greatly evidenced the growing community spirit within Edmonton. By resolving to raise 200lbs of canned food for the local food drive, Tipaskan Educational Daycare and Out of school Care proved that every program, business or community no matter how big, or small can contribute positively to the growth of their community.

I am very pleased to say that Tipaskan Educational Daycare and Out of school care reached their 200lbs goal and have since, on Tuesday January 25th, presented their proceeds from the food run to the food bank.

SOURCE: Carl Benito M.L.A.
[ Edmonton-Mill Woods ]

*Disclaimer* Edmonton Educational Daycare Group is a separate Limited Corporation, Tipaskan Educational Daycare & Out of School care, Central Millwoods Daycare and Little Scholars Childcare are also all separate Limited Corporations