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Edmonton Educational Daycare Group

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Westmount Educational Daycare & Out of School Care

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  • Daycare Center Construction Underway
  • Ages 0 - 12 years
  • Transportation provided to and from local schools

10985 124 st, Edmonton AB

780 224 4905

Hours of Operation:
6:30am - 5:30pm

Edmonton, DowntownEdmonton, SouthEdmonton, Millwoods


At Edmonton Educational Daycare Group we believe in the delivery of a high-quality childcare program in support of families within a multicultural community interested in the well being of children. The program is geared towards providing the maximum opportunity for the child to develop in all areas of growth; physically, socially, emotionally, and intellectually. The center provides a safe nurturing environment for each child and acts as a supplement by providing loving care and protection similar to what their parents provide. All interactions between staff and children and their families are guided by mutual respect for individuals and their special qualities.

Our program is intended to give the children awareness of their feelings and a means for expressing those feelings by the use of free choice and educational programming. Thus, providing an environment where the child learns to share and reflect on the needs and concerns of others. The program provides individual attention to each child's strengths and needs and provides an opportunity to participate in the decision making process: to change the physical environment, decide where to go on fieldtrips, decide how food will be served or to plan his or her own part in the center. Children are also encouraged to have a sense of autonomy and responsibility using a child-directed focus. Further, it also encourages parental participation or involvement in all aspects of the program. The staff set the stage carefully in this program, and then act as a resource to the children rather than initiator of the program. It is our belief that children need love and nurturing, in order for them to grow and become successful individuals in life.


*Disclaimer* Edmonton Educational Daycare Group is a separate Limited Corporation, Tipaskan Educational Daycare & Out of School care, Central Millwoods Daycare and Little Scholars Childcare are also all separate Limited Corporations